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Friday, April 21st, 2006
2:41 am
Housatonic - July 1864
Housatonic I love thee, thy waters are bright;
As they sparkle and dance, in the suns cheering light,
They roar and they murmer with unceasing sound,
Through time, in all ages like oceans profound.

And when the fierce tempest; that howls through the sky
Pours into thy bosom the floods from on high;
With a thundering roar thou dost sweep to the main,
There to faithfully treasure thy waters again.

Ye waken within me, sweet thoughts of the past;
Of the love, and the friendship which ever shall last,
While the billows of pleasure, which gladen the soul,
In the sweet days of childhood seem round me to roll.

Ah well I remember with feelings of joy,
The bright days of pleasure, when I was a boy
As with parents and brothers and sister so dear,
I enjoyed thy sweet scenery for meany a year.

Roll on to the ocean, they bright sparkling tide,
May I never forget thee, though far from thy side;
Thy unceasing flow is an emblem to me,
Of the bliss, which I hope for, in eternity.
2:36 am
The Sinners Refuge - 1864
God, the King of glory reigneth,
Sovereign of the earth and sky
He, his holy law maintaineth,
For he is the Lord most high.

Think, O sinner of your danger,
When his vengence you provoke:
He o'erturneth hills in anger,
Toucheth mountains, and they smoke.

Soon in flames the heavens will vanish,
Then O then, His righteous ire,
All his foes will surely banish
Into everlasting fire,

There with devils doomed in wailing
Their futurity to spend,
Where their cries are unavailing,
For they never reach a friend.

Sinners, God is now receiving,
Who repenting, seek His face;
Come to him, in Christ believing,
He will save you, by his grace.

Then, though, devils wail in anguish,
You shall reign with Christ above;
Though the lost in hell shall languish,
You shall share Gods endless love
2:06 am
The Saviours Call - 1868
While the Saviour calls inviting
You to come to him and live;
Would you now, His mercy slighting,
Loose the blessing He would give?

Jesus says of little children,
"Suffer them to come to me",
For of such, my heavenly kingdom,
In the world to come shall be

Seek ye now the blessed Saviour;
He hath died that you might live,
While on earth, enjoy his favor,
Then, a heavenly home receive.

Oh, dear children do not grieve him;
Do not pass his offers by;
You are not too young, to love him;
You are not too young, to die.

Oh, may you with sins forgiven
Be among the happy throng,
That shall join the choir of heaven
In their glad triumphant song.
Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
3:15 pm
The Ministers Mission - 1862
Go, heralds of the Saviours Name,
Your mission well fulfill,
He labored or the earth the same,
And He is with you still.

Think of the price that Jesus paid,
For those you seek to save;
His soul was once an offering made,
His precious life he gave.

Go preach the word with tongues of fire,
And hearst of christian love;
And lead poor sinners to inquire,
The way to heaven above.

And when you meet them 'round the throne
Eternal joys to know,
Their happiness will be your own,
Your bliss will overflow

How great will then be your reward,
For all your toil and care,
To hear the welcome of your Lord,
And in His glory share.
3:06 pm
The Race And The Crown - 1860
What can I do without thy grace:
O Lord! thy mercy I implore,
Help me to run the christian race,
And never give the struggle o'er.

A crown of righteousness for me
Thou hast at thy right hand prepared
Oh, may I ever faithful be,
And gain at last the great reward

Give me that holiness O Lord,
Which all to dwell with thee must have;
That I may hear the joyful word,
Welcome, 'twas thee I died to save.

Then in the glorious world of joy,
When toils and sufferings all are o'er;
Thy praise shall be my sweet employ;
Thy love my portion evermore.
12:43 pm
Prologue (undated)
Permit a modest little book,
Some easy place upon your shelf,
And when you choose, just take a look
Within to satisfy yourself.

I'm not a mirror it is true,
Unless of thoughts from mind to mind,
Of these, if you will read me through,
A few reflections you may find.

Go little book, some words of truth adress
To all you meet; they mission be to bless
And lead mankind in pleasant ways of truth,
Be they among the aged, or the youth

Thy author may not know the path you take,
May never know the aquaintance you may make,
ut, bear from him good wish, for each and all,
Where e'er thy varid lot, may chance to fall.
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