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The Saviours Call - 1868

While the Saviour calls inviting
You to come to him and live;
Would you now, His mercy slighting,
Loose the blessing He would give?

Jesus says of little children,
"Suffer them to come to me",
For of such, my heavenly kingdom,
In the world to come shall be

Seek ye now the blessed Saviour;
He hath died that you might live,
While on earth, enjoy his favor,
Then, a heavenly home receive.

Oh, dear children do not grieve him;
Do not pass his offers by;
You are not too young, to love him;
You are not too young, to die.

Oh, may you with sins forgiven
Be among the happy throng,
That shall join the choir of heaven
In their glad triumphant song.
Tags: religious
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