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The Sinners Refuge - 1864

God, the King of glory reigneth,
Sovereign of the earth and sky
He, his holy law maintaineth,
For he is the Lord most high.

Think, O sinner of your danger,
When his vengence you provoke:
He o'erturneth hills in anger,
Toucheth mountains, and they smoke.

Soon in flames the heavens will vanish,
Then O then, His righteous ire,
All his foes will surely banish
Into everlasting fire,

There with devils doomed in wailing
Their futurity to spend,
Where their cries are unavailing,
For they never reach a friend.

Sinners, God is now receiving,
Who repenting, seek His face;
Come to him, in Christ believing,
He will save you, by his grace.

Then, though, devils wail in anguish,
You shall reign with Christ above;
Though the lost in hell shall languish,
You shall share Gods endless love
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