.:*~noelle~*:. (stardustxsiren) wrote in 1860poetry,

Prologue (undated)

Permit a modest little book,
Some easy place upon your shelf,
And when you choose, just take a look
Within to satisfy yourself.

I'm not a mirror it is true,
Unless of thoughts from mind to mind,
Of these, if you will read me through,
A few reflections you may find.

Go little book, some words of truth adress
To all you meet; they mission be to bless
And lead mankind in pleasant ways of truth,
Be they among the aged, or the youth

Thy author may not know the path you take,
May never know the aquaintance you may make,
ut, bear from him good wish, for each and all,
Where e'er thy varid lot, may chance to fall.
Tags: prologue
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