.:*~noelle~*:. (stardustxsiren) wrote in 1860poetry,

The Ministers Mission - 1862

Go, heralds of the Saviours Name,
Your mission well fulfill,
He labored or the earth the same,
And He is with you still.

Think of the price that Jesus paid,
For those you seek to save;
His soul was once an offering made,
His precious life he gave.

Go preach the word with tongues of fire,
And hearst of christian love;
And lead poor sinners to inquire,
The way to heaven above.

And when you meet them 'round the throne
Eternal joys to know,
Their happiness will be your own,
Your bliss will overflow

How great will then be your reward,
For all your toil and care,
To hear the welcome of your Lord,
And in His glory share.
Tags: religious
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