.:*~noelle~*:. (stardustxsiren) wrote in 1860poetry,

Housatonic - July 1864

Housatonic I love thee, thy waters are bright;
As they sparkle and dance, in the suns cheering light,
They roar and they murmer with unceasing sound,
Through time, in all ages like oceans profound.

And when the fierce tempest; that howls through the sky
Pours into thy bosom the floods from on high;
With a thundering roar thou dost sweep to the main,
There to faithfully treasure thy waters again.

Ye waken within me, sweet thoughts of the past;
Of the love, and the friendship which ever shall last,
While the billows of pleasure, which gladen the soul,
In the sweet days of childhood seem round me to roll.

Ah well I remember with feelings of joy,
The bright days of pleasure, when I was a boy
As with parents and brothers and sister so dear,
I enjoyed thy sweet scenery for meany a year.

Roll on to the ocean, they bright sparkling tide,
May I never forget thee, though far from thy side;
Thy unceasing flow is an emblem to me,
Of the bliss, which I hope for, in eternity.
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