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The Writings of John L. Swift

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Poetry of John L. Swift, an ancestor of mine, from the 1860's.

These are the writings of John L. Swift (1829-?), as transcribed by his great, great, great, great, (maybe one more great) Granddaughter, Noelle (stardustxsiren). I found a book full of his poetry ranging from 1860-1891. My aim is to have these poems printed and bound for at least myself to keep. I may also at some point work on getting them published.

Note: Please be advised that many of these poems are religious in nature.

Some interesting facts from...

March 6 - Abraham Lincoln speaks against slavery in New Haven, Connecticut.
April 3 - The Pony Express begins its first run from Saint Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California.
June 24 - First nursing school, based on the ideas of Florence Nightingale, is opened in St. Thomas Infirmary in England.
November 6 - U.S. presidential election, 1860: Abraham Lincoln beats John C. Breckinridge and is elected as the 16th President of the United States, the first Republican to hold that office.
December 20 - South Carolina becomes the first state to secede from the Union.
December 29 - The world's first ocean-going (all) iron-hulled and armoured battleship, the (British) HMS Warrior is launched.

March 3 - The International Copyright Act of 1891 was passed by the 51st Congress of the United States of America
May 20 - First public display of Thomas Alva Edison's prototype kinetoscope (shown at Edison's Laboratory for a convention of the National Federation of Women's Clubs).
December 29 - Thomas Edison patents the radio
Date Unknown - Building of The Trans-Siberian Railroad begins (ends 1917)

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